We believe in German-American friendship.

Our countries are united through deep historical ties, shared values, and bold visions for the future.

Join us for a year-long festival celebrating our transatlantic partnership through dialogue, experience, and exchange.

Featured Events

Wunderbar: A Celebration of German Film

From Metropolis to Victoria and beyond, the Goethe-Institut Washington and Kanopy are teaming up to bring 48 German films to your screen! Watch them for free through the end of 2019.

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„Fritz Ascher: Expressionist“

The Nazi regime forbade the Jewish artist Fritz Ascher (1893-1970) to paint, so he resorted to pen and paper. The Fritz Ascher Society and the Gray Art Gallery at NYU are presenting pictures and poems by the German-Jewish expressionist persecuted by the National Socialists. The exhibition will be accompanied by discussions of Ascher’s work and its historical context. The exhibition opens on January 8, 2019.

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„The Whole World a Bauhaus“

This international exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, a legendary German school that revolutionized modern architecture, design, and technology. The exhibition includes art and design pieces by Bauhaus instructors and students as well as photos and documents that will make the spirit of the Bauhaus come alive. The Elmhurst Art Museum will host the exhibit from February 16 to April 21.

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German Campus Weeks

Over 30 colleges and universities participate in the Campus Week program, sponsored by the German Embassy in the United States. Schools across the US are hosting more than 50 events on German language, culture, politics, and history—check to see if there’s one on your campus!

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Spoonfuls of Germany

If you think German cuisine is all sausages, beer, and sauerkraut, you’re wrong! Explore the wide world of German food on cookbook author Nadia Hassani’s blog Spoonfuls of Germany, where she shares classic German recipes.

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We will have over 1,000 events across all 50 states. To find out what’s happening near you, visit our events page.

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