“Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus” Workshops by the Deutsches Design Museum Foundation

April 29, 2019

This year, the German Design Museum Foundation is offering students at colleges and universities across the United States the opportunity to learn about Bauhaus in a hands-on way through interactive design workshops entitled “Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus.”

The workshop begins with a theoretical section that teaches students about the principles of Bauhaus thought and design putting those ideas into practice by creating their own miniature Bauhaus-style chairs out of basic craft supplies.

The workshop is designed to allow young people to engage with Bauhaus outside of the traditional classroom setting.

“I think the idea to use Bauhaus to work with their hands while they are learning the language is a wonderful thing,” says Dr. Mohamed Esa, a professor at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, who leads the workshops.

Find more information about the “Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus” workshops on the German Design Museum Foundation website.

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