Fulbright Germany Invites American Students in 46 States to “Meet a German”

November 8, 2019

image © German-American Fulbright Commission

Fulbright Germany’s Meet-a-German program invites guest speakers to American schools to talk to its students about Germany. Classes ask questions about German culture, play fun language games, and take part in fun activities designed to bring a taste of Germany into American classrooms.






In honor of Germany Unity Day on October 3, the Meet-a-German program held a particularly large day of events, with over 125 schools participating in 46 states.

The holiday celebration was not the only thing that made this October 3rd special for the Meet-A-German program. This was also the first time that schools were given the option to Skype a German rather than meeting them in person. This greatly expanded the reach of the program and made it easy for teachers across the country to incorporate Meet-A-German into their lesson plans.






Since the program’s inception, Meet-A-German has launched cross-cultural dialogue that promotes German-American relations and facilitates German education in American schools. Students are given the opportunity to learn about contemporary Germany in a way that no textbook can match: from someone who lives in it.

Find out more about Meet-A-German, hear from past participants, and find out how you can bring the program to your school on the Fulbright Germany website.

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