German Fußball Camps

March 4, 2019

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Have you ever dreamed of being coached by a German soccer trainer and learning words like Einwurf, Flanke, or Tooooooooooooor? This year, as part of the Year of German-American Friendship, the Goethe-Institut is bringing this opportunity to young Americans across the US! German is the operating language of some of the best soccer teams in the world. Through Deutschlandjahr Soccer Camps, you have a chance to practice both your language skills and your Doppelpass.

For three days, students will partake in the world-class soccer training of Germany without having to leave their hometown in the US. Two youth trainers of the international education and sports project “Auf Ballhöhe” will conduct soccer training in accordance with the skill level of the students, demonstrate how professional players kick and maneuver, practice dribbling, and share some insights about the sport. On the final day of camp, students will have the chance to show off their skills in a tournament with their peers, win medals, and compete for the prize cup.

Students will learn soccer-related vocabulary and phrases in German and get to use them in an authentic and relaxed context while interacting with German trainers. If they ever run into an opportunity to play soccer against some German youngsters – they’ll be prepared.

If you would like to bring a soccer camp to your school, ask your German teacher to fill out the application and send it in by March 16th to Theresa Fuchs:


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