In the “German In New York” Podcast, Guests Tell Their Own Stories

August 13, 2019

Every German living in the US has a unique story to tell. Why did they choose to move across the Atlantic? What difficulties did they face? What opportunities did they find? For more than 18,000 German-Americans, another question is: why New York City? German in New York – a bilingual podcast – explores the experiences of German immigrants and their relationship with New York City.

The podcast features interviews with a diverse group of people who, despite having different backgrounds and paths, all found themselves in the same city. Host Marina Hahn pays special attention to the personal element while guests share their personal histories. One guest, Mechthild Schmidt Feist shares her experience raising two bilingual children, who have now chosen to live in Europe. Another, Miriam Gross overcame the challenges that accompanied moving her young family far from home. Appreciative of her young children’s German nanny, actress Christiane Seidel shares her experience balancing the American and German expectations of parenthood.

In each episode, guests share different experiences with family, careers, travel, and life. In episode #25, Christiane Seidel explains what it was like to move to the Big Apple in the pursuit of an acting career – and finding success (maybe you’ve seen her as Sigrid on Boardwalk Empire). The following episode features Miriam Gross, a pastor at St. Paul’s Church, the only exclusively German-speaking church in the region. “We dove into the hustle and bustle of New York City,” she said of her family’s arrival just a few years ago.

Mechthild Schmidt Feist has a different perspective; she has watched her adopted city grow and change over the last 20 years. Many other episodes are business-oriented, including interviews with Christian Jorg, co-founder of Ellis Accelerator, and watch designer Fredi Brodmann. They each have a unique experience in New York, but are united by their common language and history.

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