ISM Hexadome’s North America Tour

August 6, 2019

© Udo Siegfriedt

The ISM Hexadome is traveling to the United States this year as part of Wunderbar Together. This immersive 360° audiovisual installation combines cutting-edge art and technology. It is the first step for the Berlin-based Institute for Sound & Music’s initiative to build a museum in recognition of sound, immersive arts, and electronic music culture.

A key feature of the installation is the ‘Klangdom,’ an advanced multi-channel speaker configuration created by the ZKM Institute for Music and Acoustics. It is hosted within with a visual projection architecture designed by Pfadfinderei digital media studio with speakers built by Meyer Sound. The Klangdom operates using Zirkonium, a 3D spatialization software developed by the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany and Panoramix software developed by IRCAM’s STMS research lab in Paris, France.

Nine immersive installations will make their US debut as a part of the Hexadome experience, which will include exclusive live concert performances and the world premiere of Suzanne Ciani’s “Under the Electric Sea,” commissioned and created in Berlin for the ISM Hexadome in collaboration with French visual artist AudeRose.

“I’m very happy. I feel like Sleeping Beauty. I went to sleep for 40 years and when I woke up, the world suddenly was all I ever dreamed of.” – Suzanne Ciani, Under the Electric Sea

“The whole principle of my work is inherently built around this idea of being surrounded by space and surrounded by sound. The system that the ISM set up just enables me to really show it in exactly that way.” – Tarik Barri on “City Rats,” an installation featuring Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

The ISM Hexadome installation premiered in San Francisco late July as part of Gray Area Festival and will travel to the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal for the 20th edition of the MUTEK festival in August. Official artist selections, partnership details, and location information will be announced on in the weeks to come.

Addressing the necessity of collaboration in the multimedia arts, Andreas Goergen, Head of the Culture and Communications Department at the German Federal Foreign Office, noted: “Projects like the ISM Hexadome are important ambassadors for the Wunderbar Together initiative. They show us how international cultural co-production boosts creativity, diversity, and innovation.”

The Institute for Sound and Music is a Berlin-based non-profit organization dedicated to the culture of Sound, Immersive Art and Music. Presently, the ISM is using the Hexadome to raise awareness for its ultimate goal: establishing a new and permanent home for a cutting-edge museum experience in Berlin.

For more information on ISM Hexadome and its North American tour, visit the ISM website.

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