Lessons Learned: Wiesn in a Box

February 22, 2019

© Goethe Institut

by Alex and Amy Braden

Greetings from Florida! These first few weeks touring the warm southern states of America have been an adventure, and we’ve been beyond pleased to share our beer, pretzels and the spirit of Oktoberfest with hundreds of new friends! Should you ever decide to haul a 17-foot beer and pretzel trailer cross-country, here’s a short list of what we’ve learned so far:


Forget everything you know about parking a car. This beer and pretzel trailer is seventeen feet long, ten feet wide and ten feet high. Add our hauling vehicle (an F-250) in front and we’re talking almost forty feet of runway. That means we need at least six parking spaces to fit comfortably. Stopping for a coffee? Better find a grocery store parking lot first! Renting an AirBnB? Ask for a photo of the driveway! And of course, watch out for dead-ends, speed humps, and low hanging palm trees!


We recently finished an amazing event at Ormond Beach called the Granada Grand Arts Festival. We set up our pop-up beer garden alongside hundreds of crafters and artisans in front of an outdoor stage featuring live jazz shows. The minute we opened our service window we had a line of hungry people drawn to the smell of our hot pretzels. We went through 300 pretzels in our first four hours! Here’s a little math: that’s over a pretzel a minute. Florida loves a good pretzel!


Budweiser, Miller, Coors: America only drinks light beer, right? Wrong! By far the most coveted beer we’ve offered so far is the Hofbräu Dunkel. Everybody we meet is going bananas for that rich malty deliciousness, and of course—the job has its perks—we’ve certainly enjoyed a few of our own too!

That’s all for now. Let’s raise a “Stein” to future lessons learned, beers shared, pretzels baked, and friends made: Prost!

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