Share Your Story #10: Laura McKenzie

September 16, 2019

image © Wunderbar Together

In celebration of German-American friendship, we’re featuring stories from people like you!

Do you have a story to share with us about your German-American experience? Whether you are of German heritage or are someone who loves all things German, we want to hear from you! Send us a brief example of a time you enjoyed engaging with Germany in some way and we’ll publish the best contributions on our blog during the campaign!

What does “Wunderbar Together” mean to you? Stories can be anything from funny to heartwarming and highlight intercultural experiences studying, living, and working in the United States or Germany. Be creative!

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This week’s story was written by Laura McKenzie about the compassionate medical care her husband received in Germany.

My husband and I enjoyed an amazing cruise in Germany in summer 2018. We had a great time, but suddenly my husband fell sick. We visited a hospital, and as scared as we were about the situation and the language barrier, German medical professionals were amazing in all senses. Their kindness and their expertise allowed us to have my husband recover very fast and keep enjoying the rest of our cruise in their amazing country. Thanks Germany!

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