Spoonfuls of Germany: A Brewery, German Heritage, & a US Downtown Revival

August 5, 2019

image © Easton Farmer's Market

Each month, Wunderbar Together features the food and culture blog of Nadia Hassani, German immigrant to the United States and author of the German regional cookbook, Spoonfuls of Germany. Visit her website to discover authentic German recipes and the stories behind them.

In “How a brewery with a German name helped revive an American downtown,” Hassani explores how a small family brewery of German heritage leveraged the tourism industry and helped to restore the vibrancy of downtown Easton, Pennsylvania.

“If I can get away on a Saturday morning, that’s where you’ll find me. The horse-drawn carts that were used to haul the merchandise to the market are long gone. With so many historic buildings around Center Square it still feels like a historic movie set to me – but one that’s now populated with lots of real people and food from local sources. And that, of course, includes the occasional bratwurst!”

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