Spoonfuls of Germany: Down by the Old Mill Stream

May 15, 2019

© Nadia Hassani

Each month, Wunderbar Together features the food and culture blog of Nadia Hassani, German immigrant to the United States and author of the German regional cookbook, Spoonfuls of Germany. Visit her website to discover authentic German recipes and the stories behind them.

In “Down by the Old Mill Stream in Doylestown, PA,” Hassani examines the significance of bread in German cuisine and the importance of fresh flours and grains in the baking process. She tells the story of the old Castle Valley Mill: their process, history, and the personalities behind their success. She also explains how to bake her delicious buttermilk biscuits!

“For most of my 21 years in America, I have been baking my own bread. If you have lived in Germany with its tremendous variety of wholesome breads, you just cannot be without it. As a wrote before, baking German breads in America can be challenging, and I am always on the lookout for suitable flours and grains. In the case of Castle Valley Mill in Pennsylvania, the grains and flours include a German-American connection – and also a slice out of American colonial and industrial history.”

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