The PopUp Tour Goes Back to School

September 28, 2019

The PopUp Tour in Atlanta started a new day in the tent with the SchoolFest, which invited over 200 students from all over Georgia to participate in a host of different live shows, workshops, science labs, and more that taught students about STEM as well as Germany and the German-American friendship. This interactive experience was full of fun activities that engaged students with design elements, virtual reality, and future study abroad opportunities!







The students were also on hand for the Kids Science Slam, which much like the Policult Science Slam, featured two American and two German scientists who gave TED-talk like presentations, competing to be named audience favorite. Only this time, the scientists were still in middle school!







Students also had the chance to learn more about the role that chemistry plays in their everyday lives with the BASF Kid’s Lab before climbing into the WanderbUS, which made a special stop in Atlanta for the PopUp Tour. The day was rounded out by a hands-on Discover Bauhaus workshop, which allowed student to create their own mini-Bauhaus furniture from simple materials, and a fun performance by Circus Mojo!








With a full day of activities done, the PopUp Tour closed out the day with two events focused on food, art, and culture in today’s world. First, Gerhard Steidl, who designed the innovative tent used to house the PopUp Tour, gave a talk entitled “The Renaissance of the Analogue in a Digital World.” Steidl, who has been working at the cutting edge of the German publishing industry since 1968, has worked as a printer and book designer for artists like Joseph Beuys, A.R. Penck, Klaus Staeck, and Günter Grass.

Today, Steidl has the largest program of books on contemporary photography and an ambitious German literature list. He also conceives and curates international exhibitions for artists including Karl Lagerfeld and Robert Frank. Be it fashion, art or literature, Steidl’s aim is to realize the individual ideas of the artist or author, and to create art in book form.


Steidl’s talk was followed by a vernissage featuring “Mmmh,” a photography exhibit curated by Steidl with works by acclaimed German photographer Juergen Teller. The exhibit, which features photos of different types of German cuisine, is an exploration of German food beyond the cultural stereotypes. Teller traveled through Germany exploring the adaptation of a centuries-old culinary traditions into innovative global ideas.

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