The PopUp Tour Learns Something New in Atlanta

September 29, 2019

© Stormy Mildner

The fifth and final day of the PopUp Tour in Atlanta kicked off with screenings of two of the biggest Bundesliga matchups of the day.







Fans in the home of the reigning MLS Champions Atlanta United gathering under the PopUp Tour tent for a heated match between perennial favorites RB Leipzig and FC Schalke 04. After the final whistle blew on Schalke’s surprise 3-0 upset, the fun continued with BVB Dortmund taking on Werder Bremen in another exciting match.

Between games, visitors got to test their own soccer skills in the Siemens container, which had a special “goal wall” that challenged visitors to score goals through marked holes in the wall.

Soccer wasn’t the only excitement in the tent that morning. During the workshop “Science is Fun!” German celebrity scientist Jo Hecker made abstract scientific phenomena palpable and comprehensive for children and adults alike. This interactive event used lighthearted, engaging experiments to answer questions like “Why do our voices sound so silly when recorded?” and “Can you build a human circuit?”







At another exciting workshop, famed German publisher Gerhard Steidl answered even more questions at the aptly named “Ask Steidl Any Dumb Question about Making a Book.” Despite the name, there were no dumb questions, and everyone left knowing a little bit more about bookmaking and the world of publishing!

Visitors also had the opportunity to take a more hands-on approach to learning at the “Discover Design – Discover Bauhaus” Workshop created by the German Design Museum Foundation. In celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus, this interactive creative workshop provided an opportunity to acquire new knowledge of a shared German-American cultural heritage in a practice-oriented fashion. Visitors first learned key facts about the history of the Bauhaus movement before getting the chance to get creative and produce their own designs using simple materials!






At the end of the day, the Global Youth Ambassadors Program, the Nürnberg-Atlanta Exchange, and the Hertz Foundation invited visitors to learn about opportunities for student and professional exchanges with Germany to continue their educations in a new environment abroad.

The day ended with “The Lovable City Civic Dinner,” which invited guests to a Civic Dinner to discuss what they love about Atlanta, what they would love to love about Atlanta, and what role they want to play in making their city more lovable. After dinner, guests were treated to one last concert by German pianist Frank Muschalle and American trumpeter Gordon Jay Vernick, who met each other in Atlanta the day before and decided to play the concert together.






That’s all for Wunderbar Together’s PopUp Tour stop in Atlanta! The Tour is now back on the road to St. Louis, Missouri before landing in Portland, Oregon. Visit to hear about all of the latest happenings!

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