The Trilateral Science Slam Merges Science and Creativity

October 8, 2019

The third annual Trilateral Science Slam was held in the United States for the first time ever in Tucson, Arizona. 6 Slammers from 3 countries – Germany, Russia and the US – competed for the title of champion of the Slam. Their task: to present their research in a compelling TED-style talk. The winner was chosen by the audience of over 200 people with backgrounds in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and more.

The slammers all added creative twists to their presentations. Several young scientists used on-stage demonstrations, one rapped, and another dressed in a seal onesie. The champion, Rui Wang – the first American slammer ever to win a Science Slam – spoke fondly of her experiences at the slam: “It’s honestly been pretty fun, I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with all other slammers and hearing about their research and where they come from.”

This competition brings together the scientific community to make research more understandable and popular while also facilitating cultural exchange. After all, as German competitor Lorenz Aldung noted, science is “about bringing people together [through] different cultures and different schools of thought.”

Fulbright Germany, the host of the event, aims to facilitate cross-cultural experiences through academic exchange. They aspire to promote transatlantic dialogue and create opportunities for greater international exchange between Germany and the US. Project Officer Jamie Moore discussed the organization’s goals with programs like the Trilateral Science Slam: “Fulbright Germany is all about international academic exchange. [The Science Slam] is all about bringing science to a general public.”

To find out more about the Science Slam, visit the Fulbright Germany website.

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