WanderbUS Hits the Road!

March 7, 2019

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A year in the making, the WanderbUS kicked off its nationwide tour of high schools and universities this week! Packed with fun games, virtual reality experiences, and lots of other cool things to explore, the WanderbUS and its team will travel to all of the lower 48 states before October of this year. Our team will provide thousands of students the opportunity to discover the many ties between the United States and Germany, learn about contemporary Germany and, of course, polish their German language skills.

Almost one hundred students showed their excitement for all things “Wunderbar Together” at the first official tour stop on Tuesday, March 5. Students at the German International School in Washington, DC, played language games, took virtual tours of German cities using VR headsets, and signed up for German language apps and programs like the digital Kinderuniversity.

As the WanderbUS begins its journey across the country, our team is looking forward to visiting 60 schools and universities from Maine to Arizona and from Florida to Washington State. All aboard the WanderbUS!

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