WanderbUS in Alabama

April 10, 2019

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Next stop, Tuscaloosa! Project Manager Valerie Czok, in a newscast with WVUA, spoke about the mission of the WanderbUS: “We just want to promote the German language and culture and also show the similarities of our German-American friendship,” she said. “That we have a lot in common and so we are just celebrating our togetherness.”

300 visitors turned out at the Tuscaloosa tour stop of the WanderbUS, showing their excitement for all things German!

Packed with games, virtual reality experiences, and lots of other cool things to explore, the WanderbUS and its team will travel to all of the lower 48 states before October of this year. Our team will provide thousands of students the opportunity to discover the many ties between the United States and Germany, learn about contemporary Germany and, of course, polish their German language skills.

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