Wunderbar Together Takes a Trip to the Moon!

April 1, 2019

Wunderbar Together is already bringing over 1,500 events to cities in all 50 states, and now it can add one more location to the list – the moon!

This March, in a galaxy not too far away, the Wunderbar Together team visited the South by Southwest festival to meet with German and American musicians, artists, and innovators.

While there, our team had the opportunity to take part in the Sister Moon project, and the results were out of this world! Sister Moon uses an old-school radio telescope from 1956 that emits modulated radio waves to reflect user voices off the surface of the moon and back in real time.

While the idea of one’s voice traveling over 400,000 kilometers to space and back might seem alien, the process was surprisingly user-friendly. Wunderbar Together Director Christoph Mücher highlighted the gravity of the German-American relationship with a simple declaration: “Germany and the US are Wunderbar Together!”

That’s one small step for Wunderbar Together, one giant leap for German-American friendship!

This is not the first time this project has reached space. ISS astronaut Alexander Gerst kicked off the Wunderbar Together initiative last October with a special message from orbit, calling for international cooperation both on Earth and beyond.

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