Celebrate Thanksgiving with Apple Pancakes and Spoonfuls of Germany!

28.November 2019

German-American chef Nadia Hassani has been bringing German recipes to an American audience for well over a decade on her blog, Spoonfuls of Germany. In honor of Thanksgiving, she’s sharing one of her favorite recipes with us!

From her kitchen in Pennsylvania, Nadia walks us through a few simple steps to make tasty German apple pancakes and explains the similarities and differences between these apple pancakes and their American counterparts.

“Usually everything in America is bigger than in Germany,” she jokes. “If you think about the country, and the cars and everything. But the pancakes, I think, are the one exception where the German specimen is just bigger.”

For Nadia, it’s not just the recipes that matter, it’s the ingredients as well. That’s why she also took us on a tour of her favorite local orchard, County Line Orchard in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. This part of the country has a long history of German immigration, and the family of orchard owner Todd Smith is no exception.

Nadia’s original cookbook, Spoonfuls of Germany, was first published in 2004. Since then, she’s continued to make German recipes accessible here in the US on her blog by the same name. Discover more German delicacies on!

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