Contemporary& Releases the Print Issue of “This is Not About You”

28.August 2019

image © Benjamin Renter

Contemporary& magazine brought together five young American writers and four young German writers in Detroit to acknowledge, share, and reflect on similarities and differences between the African American and Afro-German experiences.

During the three-day workshop, they asked themselves and each other a series of questions:

“How do we put into form the many connections we have as being part of a global diaspora? How do we create our own language? What are our shared histories or do we remember them the same way? Does someone from Detroit define herself as part of a Black Diaspora with the same implicitness as someone from Berlin? Where does Afro-German identification with Black America fit in here? And what about allyship?”

The special #Detroit issue of Contemporary&, “This is Not About You,” was created from the results of these workshop discussions and is now available in print and online.  The issue contains a variety of written content, including interviews, biographical entries, and prose. Accompanying the articles are striking images, historical photos, and art.

Earlier this summer, Contemporary& also created an exhibition in the Detroit Public Library that touched on similar themes entitled “Show Me Your Shelves!” The exhibition will be on display in Houston later this fall.

Contemporary And (C&) is an art magazine and a dynamic space for issues and information on contemporary art from Africa and its Global Diaspora published in English and French. Contemporary And America Latina (AL) focusses on the connections between Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa and is published in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Visit the Contemporary& website to learn more about the people and ideas behind the issue, and read the special edition C& #Detroit issue here.

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