FC Bayern Munich brings European Soccer to the US

10.Juli 2019

When Kansas City sports fans think football, they think star QB Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. This summer, Kansas City will be playing host to a different kind of football. FC Bayern Munich will be heading to Missouri to play against the Italian AC Milan on July 23 as a part of the Audi Summer Tour.

While the game may look different, Mahomes is quick to point out the similarities between the skills held by both games’ top players. The reigning NFL MVP pointed to how both football Quarterbacks and soccer Midfielders are responsible for controlling the pace of the game, setting the plays, and making the right decisions for his team.

Thiago Alcântara, midfielder for FC Bayern Munich, agreed, emphasizing the importance of being able to adjust and improvise against unpredictable opponents for both types of players.

Sometimes it isn’t play styles that are similar, it’s the celebrations. FC Bayern’s Serge Gnabry took inspiration for his signature “Stir” goal celebration from none other than NBA superstar James Harden of the Houston Rockets.

With 13 goals last season, there’s been a lot to celebrate. On July 20, Gnabry will be stirring things up in Houston with a game against Real Madrid!

With his playing days behind him, FC Bayern legend Lothar Matthäus chose to hit the beach for a little bit of sun ahead of FC Bayern’s game in Los Angeles. While Matthäus gets in touch with his inner David Hasselhoff, the current FC Bayern team will be taking on the Premiere League’s Arsenal F.C. on July 17.

Don’t miss the chance to see the best of the Bundesliga right here in the USA! Get your tickets here.

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