Guest Blog: A Typical Day on the WanderbUS!

27.September 2019

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The following post was written by Zachary Pease and Marie Löwel, who helped bring the WanderbUS to schools across the country as the new semester begins.

Following its summer hiatus, the WanderbUS has gone back to school! With its first seven stops complete, the WanderbUS has already covered more than 2,000 miles through seven states in less than two weeks.

To begin the show, the WanderbUS team starts off by playing a game of German-themed Bingo. Students have the opportunity to engage with each other and test their knowledge of German language and culture. Once a student has 5 correct answers in a row, BINGO! The WanderbUS team gives them a prize. But the other students shouldn’t be sad if they didn’t get Bingo. The WanderbUS team loves to give out prizes.

Following the bingo warm-up, students go outsides to build a sort of maze representing Germany that uses colorful mats to test their vocab knowledge. The students learn a little bit about Germany’s geography and a few big cities: Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bremen, and Munich. The students pair up and one of them closes their eyes while the other one navigates them through the maze to one of the “cities,” using their new German vocabulary to give directions. The pair receives a new prize every time they successfully make it to another “city.” After this game, it’s finally time to board the bus.

Climbing onto the bus is one of the days’ biggest moments. Once inside, the students can take part in a variety of fun activities. One of the favorite activities allow students to explore historical and contemporary German cities in 3D with 360 degree views using VR goggles. At the end of the day, each student leaves the bus with more than just a smile. Each also makes sure to grab a handful of fun pins with German words printed on them like Müsli (muesli), Garten (garden), Kind (child), and the fan-favorite: Schnitzel.

To close the show, the WanderbUS team challenges the students to complete a Kahoot Quiz on the big screen. The quiz consists of 10 questions – from “What is the highest mountain in Germany?” to “How many Berliners live in the USA?” The top three students win a haul of Wunderbar Together swag and the first prize winner is automatically placed in a limited raffle to win one of two awesome prizes: either an FC Bayern Munich jersey signed by the whole team or a special Wunderbar Together jersey signed by the German NBA star Dirk Nowitzki.


The WanderbUS activities teach American students about Germany language and culture. The games are interactive and fun for both students and teachers. The WanderbUS team is always amazed about the gratitude of the school and students after a visit, just as the team always leaves the school with a lot of happy new memories of another special place, school, and group US students.

Find out more about the WanderbUS and follow along with the remainder of their tour by following them on Instagram: @goethewanderbus. (add link)

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