Spoonfuls of Germany: German Food on the Go, Made in the USA

12.Juni 2019

© Nadia Hassani


Each month, Wunderbar Together features the food and culture blog of Nadia Hassani, German immigrant to the United States and author of the German regional cookbook, Spoonfuls of Germany. Visit her website to discover authentic German recipes and the stories behind them.

In „German food on the go, made in USA,“ Hassani spotlights two restaurants in the United States with German owners that serve German fast-food staples: currywurst, schnitzel, and döner.

The first restaurant, The Flying Deutschman, is Philadelphia’s only authentic German food truck, is spreading German cuisine across the East Coast. The owner, Stirling Sowerby, says he „“created The Flying Deutschman to share the amazing recipes that helped shape [his] life.” The truck specializes in serving several types of schnitzel and, of course, the fan-favorite currywurst.

On the west coast, BERLINS is bringing German-Style döner to three locations in Los Angeles. Simon Classen, who runs the restaurant with his brother, Matthias, stressed that „“Our main asset is quality.” Indeed, Nadia reports that BERLINS‘ döner „contains a good portion of two very German ingredients: caution and thoroughness.“

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