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29.Juli 2019

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This year, our projects are taking place in all 50 states, but did you know you can also take Wunderbar Together with you on the go by downloading one of our partner podcasts? Each episode provides a new perspective on German-American Friendship in culture, business, politics, and more! Check out the descriptions below to find the right podcast for you. Happy listening!


The Big Pond is Wunderbar Together’s signature podcast. Each episode of embraces a different element of the German-American relationship. With both German and American broadcasters, the podcast presents a variety of perspectives, emphasizing the depth and diversity of German-American experiences.

Topics range from immigration to John Lennon. The Big Pond addresses the questions about German-American culture you didn’t know you had. Are German-style apprenticeships spreading in the United States? How popular is baseball in Germany? Why do German motorcyclists love the American Southwest (and what would Immanuel Kant say about it)?

The Big Pond features episodes produced by American and German journalists from leading news outlets, including both experienced contributors to well-known podcasts such as NPR’s This American Life and All Things Considered as well as producers who participated in the USA program of the Rias Berlin Commission. All are connected by an interest in transatlantic topics that link Germany and the US.

Discover the similarities and differences between Germany and the USA by finding the episodes that speak to you. Learn more at

Fernweh and Home:

The University of Wisconsin’s radio station highlights students from Freiburg, Germany and Madison, Wisconsin, USA in a student-run podcast series. In each episode, the hosts discuss their experiences in their new countries and the multicultural opportunities they found there. Fernweh and Home is a collection of stories that illustrate the value of German-American exchanges. The special guests examine political and social topics with an eagerness to uncover the differences and similarities between their home and host countries.

You can listen to Fernweh and Home here:

Living & Working in Silicon Valley:

Like many entrepreneurs, Kristina and Kati were attracted by the innovative culture in Silicon Valley. Moving to the area from Germany, both women found success in a variety of startups. Kristina and Kati use their strong professional backgrounds to take us behind the scenes of the Silicon Valley world in their German-language podcast: Kristina, Kati, Kalifornia. In many episodes, they interview German-speaking professionals on a variety of topics, ideas, and personal experiences. In others, the duo discuss their own experiences to teach us about living and working in Silicon Valley. They always keep us up to date on tech industry trends and innovations.

Find out more at

German in New York:

Speaking of entrepreneurs, check out episodes of German in New York. Each episodes highlights a German-speaker from New York City, giving them an opportunity to share their experiences and us the chance to see the Big Apple from a different perspective. Interviewees include entrepreneurs, scientists, actors, social media influencers, teachers, and diplomats. Every guest has a unique story to tell and thanks to German in New York, we get to share in the experience.


German-speakers tuned in to Radiobrücke USA last year for a four day special broadcast from Berlin radio station radioeins. Hosted by the Goethe-Instituts in New York and San Francisco, the broadcasting team came all the way from Germany to share their perspectives on the United States. Reports and interviews focused on various elements of American culture, society, and politics. In the twenty-first century, both countries have undergone large changes, creating a need for this discussion on the new and ever-shifting influences the two countries have on each other.

Though the live broadcasts ended in October 2018, you can still listen to Radiobrücke USA at

Meanwhile in Tübingen:

Meanwhile in Tübingen is another great podcast that shares stories of German-American friendship. Beginning in September, The German-American Institute (DAI) in Tübingen, Germany will release six episodes that address the many connections between Tübingen and Ann Arbor, MI. Did you know that both cities are not only university towns, but also built on a major river? Each episode features an expert who discusses the relationship between these sister cities. What do Tübingen and Ann Arbor’s environment, art scene, sports, and culture have in common? Tune in this September to find out.

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