KTVB: WanderbUS brings German culture to Idaho

01.Mai 2019

KTVB: WanderbUS brings German culture to Idaho

MERIDIAN, Idaho — Meridian students spent the day learning about German culture, language, even touring several German cities — all from the comfort of a tour bus.

It’s part of a year-long campaign called Wunderbar Together, an immersive travelling exhibit aimed at promoting German-American friendship and a better understanding of the German language.

Students from Mountain View High School’s German classes spent the day learning more about German history, studying abroad in Germany, even walking the streets of German cities like Hamburg, Nürnberg and Frankfurt, all through the use of virtual reality.

Traveling educator Frederic Korona says it’s a way to bring German culture directly to students.

„It’s a fun way to experience the language and learn some facts about Germany,“ he said.

WanderbUS will visit high schools and universities in every state in the continental U.S. over the next five months.

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