German the Most Spoken Language at Home Other Than English and Spanish in 9 States

27.Juni 2019

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Recent US Census Data shows the diverse, multilingual nature of the United States. Beyond the two most commonly spoken languages, English and Spanish, Americans reported speaking a range of languages at home, from Haitian Creole to Tagalog. German topped the list in 9 states, more than any other language.

German is the most common language spoken at home other than English or Spanish in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and South Carolina. Additionally, Pennsylvania Dutch, a German dialect brought to the United States by immigrants from the Palatine region in Germany, is the most popular third language in Pennsylvania.

The popularity of German is owed in large part to the long history of German migration to the United States. Today, nearly 50 million Americans report German ancestry. There are currently 905,326 German speakers nationally in addition to 179,336 speakers of Pennsylvania Dutch.

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