Journalist Anne Marie Hunter “Finds Magic Everywhere” on Exchange in Germany

04.Oktober 2019

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This year, journalist Anne Marie was given the opportunity to take part in the “Goethe Close-Up” exchange program. Sponsored by the Goethe-Institut and Wunderbar Together, this program hopes to foster strong relations among German and American journalists while immersing them in the other culture. She was featured earlier this month in the Hessische Allgemeine Newspaper, and her second article was just published in the same newspaper in Kassel, Germany.

In her most recent article, “You Can Find Magic Everywhere,” Hunter discusses the similarities between reporting in Kassel, Germany and her hometown of Kansas City. She notes how good reporting has the same impact on communities on both sides of the Atlantic and how empowering reporting can be for the people. She praises local German culture in her article and talks about how the news is often shaped by the people reading it.

Hunter is almost two weeks into her exchange and she has already found so many similarities with German and American culture when it comes to the news and reporting. Her experiences reveal how, despite our differences, German and American people are really quite similar. In her article, she reminds us that we must not underestimate the power of the news on local communities, regardless of whether you’re in Kassel or Kansas City.

Find out more about the Goethe Close-Up exchange here and stay tuned for more updates on Anne Marie’s experiences working as a journalist in Kassel.

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