Wunderbar Together Appears in Reuters as the Year of German-American Friendship Draws to a Close

12.November 2019

image © One Inch Dreams

As the Year of German-American Friendship comes to a close, Reuters journalist Andrea Shalal spoke with politicians, business leaders, and members of the community to discuss the impact that Wunderbar Together has had on the millions of people who have been a part of the campaign in person and online.

Reuter’s article highlights the experiences of Americans with strong personal connections to Germany who have participated in Wunderbar Together events. Whether in Washington, Texas, or California, both reported positive experiences with Germany that impacted their professional and personal lives.

Speaking on the mission of Wunderbar Together, German Ambassador to the United States Emily Haber commented that it is exactly these historic bonds and new human connections that Wunderbar Together sought to strengthen and affirm through its events.

Shalal also put a spotlight on events happening in communities around the country, from a BMW event at its plant in Greer, South Carolina, to an installation remembering the fall of the Berlin Wall in Washington, DC.

The article concludes with a message looking towards the future by Andreas Görgen, Head of the German Foreign Ministry’s Culture and Communications Department: “The “Wunderbar Together” campaign may be ending, but Germany will keep pushing to refocus and rebuild U.S.-German ties.”

Read the full article on Reuters.

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