Oktober 31, 2019

AP News: Germany’s president wraps up US charm offensive in Boston

Germany’s president on Thursday called for shifting focus away from “tweets and tirades” and toward upholding democracy and strengthening the relationship between his country and the United States. Fr...


Juli 22, 2019

Heimat Abroad: The DIAG USA Foundation and its German American Vocational Career Program

Through the efforts of the Skills Initiative, the DIAG USA Foundation was created in collaboration with the German Consulate General in Los Angeles in 2016 in order to connect employers, education pro...


Mai 1, 2019

KTVB: WanderbUS brings German culture to Idaho

Meridian students spent the day learning about German culture, language, even touring several German cities -- all from the comfort of a tour bus.


März 27, 2019

WVUA: WanderBUS Stops in Tuscaloosa, Celebrates German-American Friendship

The WanderbUS stopped in Tuscaloosa to educate students about the German-American friendship as it makes its way through the continental United States this year.


März 20, 2019

Barron’s: Celebrating Bauhaus at 100

Widely acknowledged as the 20th century’s most influential school of architecture, art, and design, the Staatliches Bauhaus was founded in Weimar by Walter Gropius in 1919 and closed down in 1933, as...


Februar 28, 2019

ABC Action News: Traveling Beer & Pretzel Truck

Carley Boyette and Natalie Taylor, from Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend, talk beer, pretzels, and German-American friendship with Wunderbar Together’s Wiesn representative, Alex Braden.


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