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Alicja Kwade Exhibition Opens at MIT’s List Visual Arts Center

October 17, 2019

© Alicja Kwade

Berlin-based artist Alicja Kwade will be opening her newest exhibition here in the United States with “Alicja Kwade: In Between Glances” at the List Visual Arts Center at MIT. Together with a concurrent sister exhibition in Dallas Texas, this is her largest US museum exhibition to date.

For the List Center exhibition, which will be on view from October 18, 2019 to January 5, 2020, Kwade will realize a newly commissioned work comprising a group of large-scale, stainless-steel spherical rings presented alongside a focused selection of recent sculptures. One notable work in the collection, Trans-For-Men 11 (Fibonacci) (2019), employs mirrors and geometric forms made from various natural materials to visualize the mathematical principle known as the Fibonacci sequence.

Also in the collection are a recent series of sculptures composed of household appliances and personal technology devices that have been ground down to a fine dust and reconstituted as urns, bowls, and vases. With deadpan titles like Lamp (2016) and iPhone (2017) that indicate their previous form and utility, the uncanny vessels are presented in glass vitrines typically used for museum display.

The exhibition also extends beyond the confines of the indoor museum space. Against the Run (2019), a functional clock with a backwards-running dial, will be sited outside the galleries on a plaza adjacent to the List Center. Throughout her work, Kwade strategically blurs received distinctions between past and present, fact and fiction, and high and low value. In doing so, her works delve into a persistent inquiry into the scientific, economic, and narrative principles that structure how we understand and interpret the world around us.

For more information on Alicja Kwade and the exhibition, visit the List Center website.

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