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Camp Fahrenheit 516 Brings German and American Junior Firefighters Together

August 19, 2019

This summer, a group of enterprising young Germans and Americans participated in a different kind of cultural exchange called Camp Fahrenheit 516. The camp, hosted by the Nassau County Junior Firefighters Association, brought together Junior Firefighters from Nassau County, New York and Haverlah, Germany for a week of intense training.

This year marked the 5th anniversary of Camp Fahrenheit, but it was the first time that the New York squads were joined by junior firefighters from Germany. The partnership was born after a delegation of American firefighters visited a trade show in Hannover, Germany last year. As a part of Wunderbar Together, 10 junior firefighters and 3 supervisors made the trip across the Atlantic for this unique exchange.

During the week, the group went through the classic Camp Fahrenheit program, which includes intense practical training and assessment in critical skills like navigating burning buildings and extinguishing car fires.

In addition to the typical program, the German participants translated and adapted the testing requirements for the German Jugendflamme award for Camp Fahrenheit participants. At the end of the camp, all participants received special recognition for completing both countries’ programs at a joint graduation ceremony in Uniondale, New York.




To see more photos and videos from the exchange, find the Nassau County Junior Firefighter Association online and on Facebook. You can also find their German exchange partners at the Jugendfeuerwehr Haverlah on Facebook and Instagram.

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