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April 30, 2019

image © MUTEK

MUTEK.SF is the US edition of the international not-for-profit organization based in Montreal, dedicated to digital creativity in sound, music, and audiovisual art in the context of live performance. The four-day festival takes place March 2-5 across an eclectic mix of venues throughout San Francisco and features a blend of international luminaries with artists from the local community. The festival provides an open, inviting environment that encourages rewarding exchanges between artists, professionals, and the public.

MUTEK.SF is presented in several tracks, starting with “A/Visions,” which highlights the most avant-garde and artful audiovisual and multi-sensory works in electronic arts and music. “Nocturne” keeps the energy moving with late-night sounds and sights dedicated to contemporary rule breakers and legendary tastemakers. The festival concludes with “Experience,” an all-day, genre-bending extravaganza defining the spirit of the festival’s commitment to our community of creators. Alongside its dynamic arts and music offerings, MUTEK.SF also features a series of discussions with Digi Lab and Culinary, a vibrant food-focused program.

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