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re:publica Debuts in the Motor City on the Sequencer Tour

September 18, 2019

image © re:publica

Already the largest conference on the internet and digital society in Europe, re:publica has now partnered with the Reeperbahn Festival and the next media accelerator to create the Sequencer Tour USA, which is touring the US this year with stops in Los Angeles, Austin, and now Detroit!

The tour kicked off in Los Angeles, where it offered music professionals to network and examine the intersections between music and the visual arts. In Austin, Sequencer was there with panels and networking events that celebrated the cutting edge of media innovation. Now, they’ve moved to Detroit to explore another entirely new aspect of the relationship between arts, business, and innovation.

The Detroit stop will cover a broad range of topics, with a program that includes entries selected from an open Call for Participation and focuses on three major themes: Arts & Culture, Business & Innovation, and Mobility & City.

Together, re:publica Detroit seeks to strengthen transatlantic ties find answers for difficult questions that will shape the common digital future and connect local thinkers in Detroit to global communities. 

Find more information about the event program and tickets at the Sequencer Detroit website.

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