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Transatlantic Sync Fosters Innovation in Silicon Valley

October 7, 2019

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“Transatlantic Sync. Germany & Silicon Valley: Shaping a Shared Digital Future” is a conference focusing on the impact of digital technologies on business and society hosted by the German American Business Association in Mountain View, CA.

This conference aims to develop a shared vision for a prosperous technology-focused future, identify new opportunities for collaboration between Silicon Valley and Germany and inspiring insights on key topics discussed in both countries. Transatlantic Sync aims to be the middle ground between politics, business and science.

Through workshops, guest speakers and networking, this event hopes to foster innovation and collaboration among Germany and the US in the fields of business, academia and politics. Topics include Health Care in the Age of AI, Quantum Computing, the Future of Work, Innovation in the Age of AI, and Digital Democracies.

Join the German American Business Association for an open dialogue about the future of the technological world!

This is a ticketed event. For more information, see the Transatlantic Sync website.

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