Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week

“ADA” the interactive art-making machine on display at the Mattress Factory Museum in Pittsburgh this spring

March 6, 2019

© Mattress Factory

“ADA” is a large, inflatable, helium-filled balloon with charcoal spikes trapped in a solid white-walled room. The visitor animates the balloon, directing and redirecting its path, which creates marks on the walls, ceiling and floor. “ADA” plays with the themes of audience participation, self-configuration and self-destruction, while the work itself is a combination of traditional genres such as drawing, sculpture, and performance.

The artist, Karina Smigla-Bobinksi, who is serving as spring 2019 Artist in Residence at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, lives and works as an intermedia artist in Munich, Germany. Her works have been shown in 45 countries on 5 different continents with exhibitions at the Singapore Art Museum, Science Gallery in Dublin, Arts Festival in Hong Kong and GARAGE Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow, among others. Her work bridges kinetic art, drawing, video, installation, painting, performance and sculpture.

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