Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week

Bree Gant’s “Otherlogue”

August 13, 2019

© Bree Gant

Detroit-based artist Bree Gant brought her installation, “Otherlogue” to the Skillman Public Library in Detroit, Michigan as a part of the project “Show me Your Shelves!” (on view until August 18th). Gant is one of the four artists behind “Show Me Your Shelves!” an art project conceived  by Contemporary And (C&) art magazine in partnership with Wunderbar Together.

“Show Me Your Shelves!” is designed to foster artistic dialogue between black artists from Germany and the United States. Eight artists created works for the project that reflect on existing common structures, experiences, and differences between German Afro-diasporic cultures and lifestyles and African American perspectives.

Learn more about the project and find materials on the Contemporary And (C&) website.

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