Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week

Eliza Douglas Performs in Anne Imhof’s “Sex” at the Art Institute of Chicago

June 19, 2019

© Nadine Fraczkowski

Acclaimed German artist Anne Imhof brought the newest manifestation of her exhibition, Sex, to the Art Institute of Chicago for three performances. Eliza Douglas, pictured, was one of the performers who brought the provocative piece to life.

This exhibition, entitled Sex, showed the wide range of attitudes present in Imhof’s artistic practice. It opened with three days of live performances and continues as an installation that includes sculpture, painting, and sound in the following weeks.

In the exhibition space, the central sculptural element was a large wooden pier, which is a structure typically used to gaze at the horizon. Imhof, however, proposes the pier as a form of architecture that divides the gallery into oppositional zones: above and beneath, top and bottom, light and shade, inside and outside, visible and invisible.

See more from the exhibition on the Art Institute of Chicago website.

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