Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week

Junior Firefighters from Germany and the US Train Together in Nassau County, NY

August 15, 2019

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The 5th annual Camp Fahrenheit 516, named after the regional area code, is an annual event organized by the Nassau County Junior Firefighter’s Association that gives junior firefighters from the region the opportunity to practice their firefighting skills, like crawling through burning buildings, putting out burning cars, and more.

This year, as a part of Wunderbar Together, a group of 10 junior firefighters and 3 supervisors from the Jugendfeuerwehr Haverlah in Lower Saxony, Germany joined their American counterparts for the camp.

In addition to running drills together, junior firefighters from both countries completed the requirements for the German Jugendflamme award. The Americans received their special Jugendflamme badges at a joint graduation ceremony at the end of the week in Uniondale, NY.

To see more photos and videos of the exchange, visit the Nassau County Junior Firefighter Association’s website and Facebook and the Jugendfeuerwehr Haverlah on Facebook and Instagram.

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