Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week

Panorama Streetline in Celle, Germany

September 6, 2019

© Jörg Dietrich

Panorama Streetline, headed by photographer Jörg Dietrich, collects selected street views of cities and villages all over the world and puts the uniqueness and traditions of architectural developments of different places into focus.

As a part of Wunderbar Together, Dietrich curated a special exhibit entitled “Germany Street Fronts,” which is currently touring the Goethe Pop Up Institutes in Seattle, Kansas City, Houston, and Minneapolis.

His unique techniques create undistorted images that give insight into everyday architecture in both German and American Cities. His photos allow viewers to discover the similarities between cities in each country while also celebrating their differences.

Dietrich himself flew to Seattle to start the tour and traveled across the country to capture imagery in cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, and Houston as well. The final stop on the tour will be this September in Kansas City.

Learn more about each stop on the tour on our event website and check out Panorama Streetline discover more about the project!

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