German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas Meets with Artist Luigi Toscano

April 10, 2019

German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas met with artist Luigi Toscano this week and bid him farewell. Toscano is preparing to travel with his exhibition across the country on a 10-day road trip from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco, California.

Maas was visiting Washington to attend events in recognition of the 70th anniversary of NATO and took the time to sign Toscano’s truck and talk to him about his traveling art exhibit, LEST WE FORGET; of which he is the patron.

LEST WE FORGET is a traveling photo exhibition that portrays the images and stories of more than 300 Holocaust survivors. From April 2nd to 13th, Toscano will travel with his exhibition in a special truck, stopping in several cities across the US to meet with American Holocaust survivors and discuss his project with students and visitors. Along the way, he invites all people united against “all forms of exclusion, discrimination, antisemitism, and racism” to sign the side of the truck. Minister Maas was eager to lend his signature to such a cause.

Maas applauded the project’s reach, noting “I think it is exceptionally important because it will once more be possible to reach people who perhaps don’t visit museums very often. They can still engage with the topic. That is the best thing about this project and I am glad that it’s going well!”

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