Using Public Transport as a German Journalist on Exchange in Kansas City

October 28, 2019

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Though huge cities like New York and Washington DC may be known for their public transportation infrastructure, that is not the case in most major American cities. Still, German Journalist Michaela Pflug, who is currently in the US as a part of the Goethe CloseUp project, was determined to try navigating her new home of Kansas City, Missouri using public transport alone. Even in a city built to accommodate cars, she’s been more successful than you’d think.

In a recent article published in her home publication, the Hessische Algemeine Kassel Nord, Michaela wrote about her experience as a German person trying out transportation options in the US.

To get to work, Michaela can use the city’s fare-free tram line, but the bus is her best option to take her elsewhere in the city. At only $1.50 per ride, the bus is an affordable option too! For everyday trips and walks around the block, Michaela’s neighborhood also features ample sidewalks for pedestrians.

Even when public transportation fails, Michaela found another transportation alternative – getting by with a little help from her friends. After mentioning at work that there were no affordable grocery stores within walking distance, her American colleagues were quick to offer her a ride to the store!

This article is one of many being published by German and American journalists on exchange in the US and Germany as a part of the Goethe CloseUp exchange project. Visit the Goethe CloseUp Website to learn more about the exchange and read more by the participating journalists!

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