Vice President of the German Bundestag Thomas Oppermann on the US-German Relationship

September 23, 2019

Thomas Oppermann, Vice President of the German Bundestag, made a visit to Washington, DC to meet with members of US Congress and promote German-American friendship. During a visit to the Hirshhorn Museum, he spoke with Wunderbar Together about the long history of cooperation between our two countries, our shared values, and the importance of standing together in the future.

Oppermann, who after 30 years in parliament is no stranger to US-German relations, stresses the historical importance of the US-German relationship since the end of World War II. It was only through this cooperation that Germany was able to recover economically, rebuild its democracy, and find a new place in the international community.

American support, he says, gave Germany the second chance it needed, and the two countries remain united to this day through the common values they share, including the preservation of an open society, liberal democracy, and respect for all people.

“Our friendship will only last if we pass it on to the next generation,” Oppermann concluded. “We would like to motivate many young people on either side of the Atlantic Ocean to visit each other and to learn… and to constantly rebuild our friendship.”

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