Wunderbar Together Hits the Airwaves on “Atlanta Plugged In”

September 26, 2019

Atlanta Plugged In on CBS46 invited Wunderbar Together’s Deputy Director, Miriam Bruns, on to talk about the PopUp Tour’s most recent stop in Atlanta.

When asked what visitors to the Tour can expect, Bruns responded that the program is “highlighting the very strong ties our two countries have in the fields of business, culture, arts, language in education.” These ties are showcased through WanderbUS and Bauhaus activities, musical performances, science slams, business discussions, food trucks, and much, much more.

Atlanta was the ideal city for a stop on the PopUp Tour, she continued, not just because of its vibrancy and business connections, but because it was one of several cities that hosted Wunderbar Together as it began the Year of German American Friendship. As the year comes to a close, it’s only fitting to return to the city.

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