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Share Your Photos of German Summer Food and Drinks with #AmericanCooksGerman

This summer, Spoonfuls of Germany is launching the summer edition of #AmericaCooksGerman to highlight tasty German delicacies found across the country. Readers are invited to post their own photos of German summer favorites with the hashtag #AmericaCooksGerman.

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German the Most Spoken Language at Home Other Than English and Spanish in 9 States

Recent US Census Data shows the diverse, multilingual nature of the United States. Beyond the two most commonly spoken languages, English and Spanish, Americans reported speaking a range of languages at home, from Haitian Creole to Tagalog. German topped the list in 9 states, more than any other language.

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Featured Events

Interview with Artist Julian Rosefeldt at the Opening of Manifesto: Art x Agency at the Hirshhorn

Julian Rosefeldt’s Manifesto is a multichannel film installation starring Cate Blanchett that uses excerpts from 54 political and social manifestos to create an immersive visual experience. This immersive exhibit can be viewed at the Hirshhorn Museum from now until January 5, 2020.

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The New Paltz Band at the 70th Annual Kutztown Folk Festival

Kannscht du deitsch schwetze? Kaanscht du muukka funge? If you can read that, you already know a little Pennsylvania Dutch! And what better way to practice your Pennsylfaanisch Deitsch than by singing along with some traditional folk music?

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Photo of the Week

“Manifesto” on Display at the Hirshhorn Museum

This year, visitors to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C. can view German artist Julian Rosefeldt’s acclaimed multichannel film, Manifesto (pictured), at Manifesto: Art x Agency, a group exhibition that examines the art historical impact of artist manifestos from the 20th century to present day.