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Featured Partner: German International Schools

September 5, 2019

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The Cen­tral Agen­cy for Schools Abroad (Zen­tral­stelle für das Aus­landss­chul­we­sen or ZfA) of the German Fed­er­al Of­fice of Ad­min­is­tra­tion sup­ports more than 140 Ger­man schools abroad main­ly in pub­lic-pri­vate part­ner­ship. These schools, six of which are in the USA, give students the opportunity to pursue the Ger­man Lan­guage Cer­tifi­cate (DSD). Ger­man schools abroad are typically modeled as in­ter­na­tion­al schools and are not only open to chil­dren of Ger­mans work­ing abroad. Three out of four pupils are from the re­spec­tive host coun­tries or oth­er non-German backgrounds, which gives them the chance to fa­mil­iar­ize them­selves with Ger­man cul­ture and lan­guage.

The German International Schools in the United States are very active in their communities and teach students about the German language as well as German history and modern German culture. Wunderbar Together is proud to partner with some of the German International Schools in the US.

Here’s a look at the creative projects that these schools are putting on during the Year of German-American Friendship:

German International School Chicago

The GISC hosted a German Education and Science Fair that brought together local actors with an interest in promoting Germany as a land of innovative research and high-quality education. Fourth grade students at the German International School Chicago researched environmental issues and presented their findings to their peers and the wider community during the school’s Spring Concert and Art Show in May.


German International School New York

The GISNY hosted its first Intercultural Science Fair with students from neighboring elementary schools, including the French-American School, Kensico Public School, and the Solomon Schechter School, a local Jewish school. This event put a spotlight on many important scientific topics in the field of environmental issues and sustainability.



German International School Silicon Valley

The GISSV hosted a traditional German Lantern Festival and a German Holiday market, which both featured authentic German food and drink such as Glühwein, Stollen, and Würste. The events offered participants a chance to learn about festive events in German in a cozy way with lights, music, and crafts!


German International School Portland

The GISP will partner with Wunderbar Together to put on the final stop of the Wunderbar Together PopUp Tour in October 2019. GISP will put on various programming events for students, including games and workshops designed to highlight the German-American friendship.



German International School Washington D.C.

The GISW hosted a career fair for its students as part of their career development program. Representatives from local companies, organizations, and universities spoke with students to showcase what opportunities are open to them in the world of German-American relations.






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