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Featured Partner: re:publica

April 26, 2019

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Based in Berlin, re:publica GmbH is Europe’s largest internet and digital society conference. Last year’s three-day re:publica 18 conference drew more than 19,500 participants from 80 countries to Berlin to discuss the latest developments in digital life and society. re:publica prides itself on its inclusivity. No one sector of society takes precedence, as the conference invites thinkers from economics, politics, business, hacker culture, NGOs, media, marketing, arts, activism, and social media to attend and share their unique views on important issues. Anyone can propose topics, ideas, or projects for the conference, and about 50% of speakers at the event are women.

This year’s re:publica conference, themed “tl;dr” is dedicated to “the long read, the small print, the footnotes; to the power of research, the power of controversy and the urgency not to simplify the issues that divide or unite us.” Find out more about the conference and purchase tickets here.

re:publica is a strategic partner of Wunderbar Together and will be bringing the Sequencer Tour, a joint project with the Reeperbahn Festival and next media accelerator, to five cities in the United States as a part of Wunderbar Together. The Sequencer Tour will offer a platform for discussion and exchange using innovative event formats, including conference programs, showcases, media, and music matches. Events will focus on “Politics & Society,” “Leisure & Lifestyle,” and “Transatlantic Fusion.”

The two stops on the Sequencer Tour already took place in Los Angeles, California, and Austin, Texas at South by Southwest. Later this year, the tour will be stopping in New York, Portland, and Detroit. Find the latest about the tour on the Sequencer Tour USA website!

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