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The German-American Fulbright Program

January 29, 2019

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The German-American Fulbright Commission (Fulbright Germany) facilitates cross-border international understanding through academic exchange. Since Fulbright Germany was founded in 1952, they have supported over 46,000 scholarship holders, thereby actively promoting transatlantic dialogue and creating opportunities for experiences through personal encounters.

While the focus of the program is student exchange, it is complemented by academic year programs for professors, teachers, teaching assistants, and journalists, by summer internship programs for students, and by seminars for experts in university administration and German and American Studies.


On October 3rd 2018, on the occasion of German Reunification Day and the beginning of the Year of German-American Friendship, German and American Fulbrighters took part in Fulbright’s Meet-a-German program and acted as “Citizen Ambassadors” in US-American elementary, middle and high school classes. Through interactive teaching units, presentations, puzzles, and games, they informed and inspired young American students to come to Germany.

Meet-a-German reached 6,000 U.S. students at 119 different schools throughout the country creating lasting mutual influence and enrichment on both sides. The students, ambassadors, and teachers involved all agreed that knowledge transfer about another culture can best be established through personal contact and exchange.

Following Senator J. William Fulbright’s guiding principle of mutual understanding through exchange, Fulbright Germany has developed new programs specifically for the Year of German-American Friendship. The goal of all programs is to explore common values and shared interests on both sides of the Atlantic as well as to advance dialogue and mutual understanding on issues with differing viewpoints. The long-term perspective is to develop partnerships essential to solving future global problems and the world’s most pressing challenges.

Wunderbar Together thanks the German-American Fulbright Program for their participation in the Year of German-American Friendship, and we are honored to support and celebrate their meaningful contribution to our transatlantic community.

To learn more about Fulbright’s Deutschlandjahr program visit our events page!

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