One Inch Dreams Releases Two Films on “Building Bridges” Above Monument Valley

December 20, 2019

Over 1,500 feet above Utah’s breathtaking Monument Valley, Niklas Winter attempted to keep his balance and walk across a one-inch slackline between two hot air balloons adorned with the American and German flags. Winter is a member of One Inch Dreams, a group of German slackliners and filmmakers who have attempted daring stunts around the globe.

This death-defying feat was more than just a stunt; it also created a moving symbol for German-American Friendship and the key visual for the Wunderbar Together campaign 2018/19. In a new short film inspired by this feat, Building Bridges, One Inch Dreams uses stunning imagery and creative storytelling to bring the symbol to life.

Flanking Winter on both sides were the German and American partners who made the project possible. In an accompanying documentary detailing the making of Building Bridges, One Inch Dreams delves into the meticulous planning, unexpected setbacks, and breathtaking views experienced by the crew as they attempted this never-before-seen achievement.

Find out more about Building Bridges, including photos, blog posts, and more, by visiting the One Inch Dreams website.

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